How to Style Your Maxi and Knit Dress In Winters?

Maxi dresses and cotton knit dresses are considered staples of a summer wardrobe. They are cute, classic, versatile, and comfortable. However, as the winter approaches, you pack them and store them at the back of your closet. What if we tell you that you can also flaunt your favorite maxi dress in the cold weather?

Tricks to Style Your Maxi and Knit Dress This Winter

Before you decide to style your cotton knit and casual summer maxi dresses, consider these expert tips:

• One of the best ways to style your maxi and cotton knee dress is to layer it up. Start by adding a cardigan or sweater, jacket, or coat. Throw on some winter accessories such as gloves, scarves, and hats.

• Don’t forget to keep your feet warm with thick opaque leggings or tights.

• Footwear is probably the most crucial element of styling your maxi dress in winter. Healed or flat boots are fashionable, practical, and ideal for your maxi and knit dress this winter.

Five Ways to Style Your Maxi and Cotton Knit Dress This Winter

We bring you the top five ways to style your cotton knit and casual summer maxi dresses in winter.

• With a Leather Jacket

Finding a perfect jacket to wear on a floor-length casual cotton knit dress is no less than a challenge. A cropped jacket can make your entire look wrong, while a long-line coat can drown you in fabric. A waist-synching leather jacket is ideal for maxi and casual cotton knit dresses. It will flatter your skin and look proportionate. To complete the overall look, wear white sneakers and combat boots.

• With Knee Length Boots

Are you planning to wear a casual cotton knit dress whose length falls between midi and floor length? Enhance your attire and keep your legs warm by wearing thick tights and knee-length boots. Pair your knit or floaty midi dress with a knee length for a chic winter look.

• With a Faux Fur Vest

For a cozy and snug look, pair your floral maxi or knit dress with a sleeveless faux-fur vest. On a similar note, pair up your favorite dress with a gilet for a boho vibe. Complete your look with statement sunglasses and ankle boots.

• With Turtlenecks

Laying is one of the best ways to style casual summer maxi dresses and stay warm this winter. Wear a thin turtleneck underneath your dress or a knitted turtleneck jumper on top. If you decide to layer your maxi or knit dress with a turtleneck jumper, ensure that it is of perfect length, neither too long nor too short.

Bottom Line

Winter doesn’t need to be dreary and grey. With the proper layers and footwear, you can flaunt your bright maxi and knit dress in cozy and cold weather. These ankle-shimming styles are not only reserved for summer. Added sleeves, dark accents, and ruffles can make them look edgier and perfect attire.

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