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Curl Cream for Medium Porosity Curls + Coils in Temperate Climates

$ 12.00

For medium porosity curls + coils in temperate climates. 

Full Size: 8.5oz / 250 ml - Sample Size: 2.7oz / 80 ml

This Curl Cream is a medium-weight styling cream that is a good option for normal or medium-porosity hair. Think of it as a moisturizing styler with very light hold.

This curl cream features Brazilian butters that will soften and protect your curls while providing shine and moisture.

Muru Muru is a Brazilian butter that will help to define curls, provide elasticity, and soften. It is high in fatty acids that will actually penetrate the hair shaft, resulting in softer, more moisturized hair.

Cupuacu is another Brazilian butter that keeps moisture in your strands, softens, and nourishes. It is actually able to hold 4x's it's weight in water! These two butters will also work to lock in moisture and add just the right amount of weight for medium porosity curls or high porosity curls. 

Kokum butter softens and seals the hair strands, while also promoting growth. It has been shown to rejuvenate damaged hair and prevent hair loss. Along with castor oil, it will lock in moisture and reduce frizz. 

We used naturally-derived and renewable silicone alternatives that will not build up on your hair like traditional synthetic silicones do. 

We also included hydrolyzed (meaning small) Baobab protein to maintain moisture balance and strengthen the hair. The Boabab tree is an iconic African tree called the "tree of life" due to its ability to store large amounts of water and withstand the harsh climate. Individual trees can live more than 2,000 years. Ancient folklore suggests that water infused with baobab seeds gives strength, good health, and good fortune. For your hair, Baobab protein provides anti-aging benefits including damage recovery and protection, nourishment, as well as strengthening and conditioning effects. It protects hair from becoming damaged through UV-exposure, heat, pollution, and stress.

For hold, we added a naturally derived, peg-free alternative to traditional carbomers/polymers that are typically products of the fossil fuel industry. Most gels, mousses, or holding products are petroleum-based, unless otherwise stated. This is something to be aware of because the fossil-fuel industry wreaks havoc on the environment. There are more natural, renewable options available, and here at Consciously Curly Co, we believe all companies should move away from unsustainable and unethical practices, and toward a greener future.  

This Curl Cream is appropriate for medium-porosity curls and coils in temperate climates with dew points from 35F-55F. 

Temperate climates are moderate weather areas- not too humid, or too dry. Use in areas with dew points (not the same as temperature) averaging from 35-55F. To determine if this dew point is applicable to you, simply look up the average dew point of the season for the city you are in. 

The consistency is a cream with slip that can be pumped out. 

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