3 Hacks for Choosing Women's Boutique Tops

When it comes to fashion, nothing can make a better statement than the perfect top.

Because the top spans the whole upper half of your body, it is an all important bridge between your natural features and the finished look. Your face, neck, bust, waist and hips are all adjacent to your top, so the right fit, style and color can make or break an outfit in a way that pants or a skirt can only echo.

There are hundreds of different styles of tops, with various combinations of colors, prints, and shapes to choose from. Trendy boutique tops are a great starting point for putting together a chic, unique wardrobe that is sure to turn heads. Follow these guidelines to find a few women's boutique tops that will set the tone for your whole look.

Cute Boutique Tops: Choose a Cut that Grows With You

Ever get frustrated that you bought a top that fit perfectly one week, only to find that it's too tight the next? Women's bodies change sizes from one week to another and even from one time of day to another, based on hormones, meals and water retention.

An easy solution is to choose a more forgiving top.

Stretchy Waists Are Your Friends

You may only think of elastic waists in terms of pants, but some styles of tops also have give in their waistline, making them more amenable to your body's normal changes. Whether from smocking or hidden in under arm tucks, a bit of elasticity in your waist can greatly improve your comfort and appearance.

Loose Top Plus Belt Equals Shape Plus Comfort

A loose blouse can look gorgeous in its own right, or you can style it with a high belt to accentuate your natural waist and give the top more of a tunic look. Either way you will have the flexibility of being able to change size and style on a whim. Cute boutique tops are versatile and forgiving--one of the best reasons to fill your wardrobe with an assortment.

Create a Portrait: Trendy Boutique Tops With Just the Right Neckline

Have you ever tried on a shirt and instantly fallen in love--not with the shirt itself, but with how your neck and shoulders look in it?

A unique neckline that accentuates the shape of your face and neck can take a shirt that is otherwise just OK, and give it real impact.

Here are a few tips to help choose women's boutique tops with the right neckline based on your overall facial structure. Your top can really bring out the best in your natural features, and this guide will help.

Add Depth To A Round Face

If you have a more round face, you will find that a deeper neckline will look the best on you. Choose a sweetheart or queen Anne style neckline, showing off some collar bone, to elongate your face and provide a beautiful accent to your features.

Horizontal Necklines Beautifully Accent a Longer Face Shape

If you have a longer face, deeply vertical necklines could seem to exaggerate that feature. Instead look for fashionable tops and blouses with a more horizontal neckline, like a boat neck or portrait neckline.

Angular Faces Call for Gentle Curves

If you have been blessed with defined facial structure and high cheekbones, you may find that sharp angles in your neckline add even more sharpness, where some delicacy and warmth would serve better. Add a soft sense of life to your look by way of a women's boutique top with a curving neckline, such as a scoop neck or a sweetheart neckline.

Colors: Your Natural Palette

Ever see a beautiful, stylish top that looks great on a friend, and ask to try it on--only to find that the color just dies on you? Why does that happen and how can you choose colors that you love and that will look beautiful with your skin? There are many ways to go about choosing colors and styles, but these tips will give you a good starting point.

Skin Tone: Warm or Cool

Get in some good lighting and take a look at the veins in your wrist. What color do they appear?

If the veins appear bluish or purple, your skin is cool toned; if they seem almost greenish, your skin tone is warmer.

What does that mean, practically? Colors toward the blue side of the spectrum will look best on someone with cool toned skin, while reddish and yellowish colored clothes may clash. That's not to say that a muted rose or a deep purple wouldn't look gorgeous on someone with cooler skin tones, only that as a rule your strength will lie with colors that tend toward blue, green and gray.

On the other hand, if you have a warmer skin tone, you will be able to play around with bright reds and golds and earthy, warm neutrals. Look into terra cotta and goldenrod. If you want to tend toward greens consider a bright, growing chartreause or a bright golden green reminiscent of summer sun on leaves, rather than a darker, deeper color.

Accent Your Eyes

If you want to find more color inspiration in your natural palette, take a good look at your eyes. If they are blue, they probably contain a few different shades of blue--perhaps a dark denim color around the edges of the iris, shot with icy blue in a central ring around the iris. Both of these colors will look gorgeous on you.

You can do this with any eye color. Browns can tend toward honey or chocolate, greens can vary from pine to silvery or golden. Any of these can give you a great inspiration for your boutique tops, or for accessories to go with them. If your eyes are dark green with a silvery ring, perhaps pair a dark green top with a neutral skirt and silver strappy sandals. If you're matching your eyes and skin tone the colors are guaranteed to work.

Shop For Your New Collection of Boutique Tops

Now that you have some inspiration for your new season of tops, it's time to check out a beautifully curated website with a wide selection of tops for every occasion. Stock your closet with a range of styles to suit every mood, but follow the guidelines above to make sure that whatever your whim, you will accent your natural beauty and look your absolute best.

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